Healing times - Lobes: 4+ months; Cartilage 9-12+ months

Sterile Saline (wound wash) containing 0.9% sodium chloride in isotonic water is the only thing that should be used to clean a piercing. Spray the front and back or inside and outside of the piercing twice a day and let air dry. Do not q-tip, spin or twist the jewelry. Do not apply any kind of essential oil, alcohol or hydrogen peroxide to your piercing. Every time you shower, spend about 60 seconds with your piercing directly in the stream of water to clean and irrigate it.

Common signs of infection include redness, swelling, pain, warmth, discharge that is yellow or green in color, and a foul smell. If you suspect an infection, consult a healthcare professional.

If your jewelry is becoming sucked into your piercing and you are concerned about the swelling, you may need a longer post temporarily. Please schedule a piercing check-up appointment for this service.

It's generally advisable to avoid swimming in pools, hot tubs, or natural bodies of water during the healing process to prevent infections. We advise waiting a minimum of two weeks. 

It's best to avoid applying makeup or beauty products on or around a healing piercing to prevent irritation and potential complications.